Kinetic Operates ...

So efficiently because of our experienced team of
strategists, creatives, and operations staff. When
we’re not in the office, we’re out playing with our
families and dogs in Montana’s great outdoors.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Kelsea Schreiner

Managing Partner

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Natalie Dickerson

Operations Director

Megan Pullins

Digital Director

Janell Larson

Senior Account Director

Berenice Carranza Munson

Senior Project Manager

Linsay Foley

Traffic Director

Gabby Althoff

Senior Graphic Designer

Paula Folz


Rob Seas

Content Strategist/Copywriter

Kendra Porrello

Office Manager

Anjali Drake

Project Manager

Sam Fyfe

Senior Graphic Designer

Ryann Reeves

Project Manager

Tim Lagace

Project Manager

Katryna Eastwood

Account Director

Aimee Lindamood

Art Director

Sarah Sherrill

Account Director

AJ Doherty

Director of Growth and Development

Shelby Kalb

Strategic Director

Ryann Reeves

Project Manager

Ryann, our skilled Project Manager, possesses wide-ranging expertise. As a former Digital Marketing Specialist, she not only excelled at understanding, capitalizing on and fully utilizing the enigmatic backend and inner workings of Google, search engines and analytics but also grasped the intricacies that shape the online realities we all inhabit. Her meticulous nature and keen attention to detail, honed through years of optimizing campaigns and analyzing data, now contribute to her success in managing projects with precision. She loves to travel, when she’s wearing her headphones, she’s usually listening to French Podcast!